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  • ThinRibbon-Classic-Oak-23mm-side-Patent PendingThinRibbon-Classic-Oak-23mm-front
  • ThinRibbon-Classic-Oak-48mm-side-Patent PendingThinRibbon-Classic-Oak-48mm-front
  • ThinRibbon-Classic-Walnut-23mm-side-Patent PendingThinRibbon-Classic-Walnut-23mm-front
  • ThinRibbon-Classic-Walnut-48mm-side-Patent PendingThinRibbon-Classic-Walnut-48mm-front
  • ThinRibbon-Diamond-Oak-23mm-side-Patent PendingThinRibbon-Diamond-Oak-23mm-front
  • ThinRibbon-Diamond-Oak-48mm-side-Patent PendingThinRibbon-Diamond-Oak-48mm-front
  • ThinRibbon-Diamond-Walnut-23mm-side patent pendingThinRibbon-Diamond-Walnut-23mm-front
  • ThinRibbon-Diamond-Walnut-48mm patent pendingThinRibbon-Diamond-Walnut-48mm-front

ThinRibbon – a brand new panel to our already wide range!

Introducing the ThinRibbon wooden slat panel, featuring a unique design that allows you to appreciate the mesmerizing wood grain pattern extending across one or more slats. This distinctive feature provides an authentic wood ambiance to any space adorned with the panel. The interplay of the wood pattern and the slender grooves between the slats contributes to an overall harmonious aesthetic.

Constructed with our acoustic felt RecoSilent as a base, this panel not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to a quieter environment. Weighing a mere 1.8kg/sqm and boasting a slim 6mm profile, the ThinRibbon wooden slat panel offers various benefits in terms of handling, assembly, and transportation.

One of the standout features of the ThinRibbon acoustic panel lies in its exceptional flexibility. The veneer sits directly on the acoustic felt, allowing for a seamless fit against door and floor moldings without protruding. Additionally, there’s no need for extra adaptations concerning contacts, switches, and the like.

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